About Us

British online  was founded 14 years ago to realize everyone’s dream of having the language they want. Because English is the language of global communication, as the world has become a small village with the development of social media.

We trust that we are the turning point in your mastery of this language that enables you to integrate into the whole world whether it is your goal of work, study, travel or your career.You will be accompanied in your English proficiency by highly experienced teachers in the field of online education as they deal with the student with skill and professionalism to master the English language in the shortest time and what distinguishes our teachers in education from others is the curriculum which aims to achieve English language used in all walks of Life.

Our academy is interested in the big before the small and our courses are suitable for all ages and all requirements whether in work or travel or study and our education system depends heavily on the conversation with the teacher, which helps students to acquire English in modern ways.

What we provide

As an English Online Academy we provide our services as

During the class you could see and hear the teacher and interact with the whiteboard easily

After evaluating the student we provide him with e-books that fits his level, he can keep them to study with us.

for each student there is a trained adviser to follow up with him and make sure he is doing good everyday.