Privacy Policy and terms

Privacy Policy

British Online guarantee the security on the personal information provided by students. It also to clarify the duties of all students, and British Online duties which is:

  • British Online doesn’t agree with the third-party information sharing or trading, therefore, the personal information provided by students in the registration form are ONLY used to contact with the students. As an institution, we certify the provided information by demanding a picture of the student identity and specific location for the certificate delivery.

Moreover, students can always unsubscribe our messages to stop British Online announcement advertisement.

  • British Online used encryption and encoding to keep all student’s personal information SAFE.

Duties and Obligations:

  • British Online commits to supply certified teachers with online education experience.
  • British Online provides special technical support to all registered students. with technicians to upload the online educational programs, and adjust students to the way of the teaching process setting.
  • Special instructors are granted to students during the live classes. The instructor encourages and look after students’ progress.
  • The best online educational programs are used to ensure and facilitate teaching online.

Studying Conditions:

  • All students must have a computer and Internet connection.
  • Teaching schedules are assigned according to student’s free times. Thus, student commitment to chosen studying hours is obligatory after registration course conformation.
  • Students fees must be paid on time. and if by any means, students lay behind payments deadline, their classes are stopped automatically. Payments claim are demanded through legal means.
  • Less than 18 aged students must have their parent’s approval.
  • Whenever students decide to adjust their studying schedule, their technical support must be informed at least 4 days ago.

Changes in privacy policies:

    Any changes in terms of privacy policies will be declared and explained to ALL registered students before applying.

Refunding policies:

If students decide to withdraw from the course before starting studying, the student can proclaim the paid fees after deducing the registration fees which equals 25 $